Popular questions about hair transplantation

How long does it take to see the results?

After hair transplantation, the hair follicles enter the general resting stage, and after two months have passed, those follicles will start producing new hair. You can see the changes occurring within the first months from 19 to 12 months

How long does the transplanted hair retain?

Hair transplanted as a result of surgery. It will remain forever for most patients, but sometimes there is a small percentage of hair loss as the patient’s age increases.

Is hair transplantation foul-smelling?

Will be giving
The patient has local anesthesia and other medications. The effect of pain and discomfort that you feel during or after the surgery experience Hill to zero, and if he is needed, then we describe to our patients some priority, and most patients do not need medicine after hair transplantation surgery.

To give him about 6 square inches of hair, how many hair grafts do he need?

The answer to this question is difficult to help through individual advice because the number of grafts depends on the quality of the hair and its weaving. For example, the hair is coarser or blackened. You need more grafts compared to flat and bright hair, as the case depends on the extent of reconciliation and the density of your hair.

How many hair grafts are implanted in one sitting?

This amount of grafts depends on the area to be venerated. If the quality of the scalp is good, the number of grafts implanted can reach four thousand in other words, it will be more than ten thousand hairs in one session

Is the transplanted hair more fragile?

No, this feeling is very strong as it always grows throughout life and its structure is similar to that of the hair on the scalp. So you can take measures such as: shortening the hair, combing it and coloring it as usual


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