Care and things you should know after hair transplantation

How many hours after surgery the patients feel pain behind their head that results from the incision of the surgery. This pain is temporary and within a day or two days it improves. To relieve the pain we can use regular analgesics such as simple Estaminifon or codeine or ibuprofen or other medicines against non-steroidal inflammation. The task is that hair transplantation does not cause permanent headaches

People who have had hair transplantation without a fut-fit surgical procedure after the transplant will not feel pain and do not need painkillers. The doctor must give them antibiotics, and they must be used in the final way, but they do not need to repeat and repeat the treatment.
At the end of the operation, the patient is bandaged and the bandage is maintained and relaxes the transplanted hair Preserving the bandage at night at bedtime is very important and delicate. Moving the bandage over the head causes the transplanted hair to come out from the implant site during the day as well. This could happen, for example, when he gets into a car and gets injured. His head is at the door of the car, and the hair will be pulled out of its place.

The dressing is done to protect the transplanted hair

In the first nights, the guardian must sleep at an angle of 45 degrees (half seated) in this way the pressure of the veins and tension in the head and neck are reduced and the patient’s forehead swelling is avoided. For this, it is sufficient to use a soft pillow around the neck. Sleeping on the side is also not a problem. People who are used to sleeping on their stomachs get more swollen forehead.
The day after the operation is completed, the dressing is opened in the clinic, the hair is washed with shampoo, then the bandage is done. Then, with the instructions given to the patient, washing with shampoo is repeated at home and with simple instruction the individual is able to change the bandage at home. It is daily that the patient does not remove the bandage from his head and must be changed daily After 10 days of hair transplantation, all traces of swelling wounds or the site of wounds will be removed.
Each time the dressing is changed, the hair should be washed with shampoo. Washing with shampoo prevents inflammation and collecting crust and fats. The patient is able to wash the hair with the usual shampoo for children. He does not need a special shampoo or two times to wash. The whole head must be washed from the wounds on the back side of the head and the areas of transplantation in it. With hands and calm and a perfect fit. Warm water without strong pressure by using the shower or a bowl poured on the head. Fingers are pulled from one side. Do not try to remove dry blood stuck on the head. Fingers are withdrawn from one side. Do not try to remove the dried blood sticking to the head with a blade or pressure This hand harms the transplanted hair. It is reassured that this is by repeated washing in the next days during 7 to 10 days, it is cleaned completely and only a little redness and inflammation remain completely and only a little redness and slight inflammation remain. Also, standing under the shower with strong water pressure is forbidden, because the transplanted hair is loose, and it is possible to press the water to remove it from its place. To dry the hair, you must use a very soft towel and with caution.


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